Sunday, November 30, 2008

Personal Projects..

I spent most of today working on my own songs. It was a ton of work but really rewarding at the end of the day to know I had finished my creations. The first song I worked on was with a couple of my friends, Alap and Chirag Patel. I wrote all the music to it and we called it, "Because we're Hindu"...because they’re Hindu. After we finished that up I put down the vocals to the other song I had been writing the music to called, "The Shout Out Song". This song is basically a shout out to a bunch of my friends. The final and personal favorite song I finished writing was "Freestyle Creation". It features Chirag Patel and my friend Josh Sheets.


  1. Dope. Are you more of a softwar-based producer or do you sample off vinyl? I do both, but personally I prefer wax with turntables, an MPC, and keyboards.

    Here's my blog...

  2. Awesome! That's cool, man! Yeah, I'm gettin' the hang of the keyboard still. You're just like my best buddy John. He utilizes those.

    Like wise, thanks for the comment and the compliment.


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